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From Lilo and Stitch to How to Train Your Dragon : our interview with Dean DeBlois

At the end of 2019, we partnered with Thomas Martin alias Gorkab to cover the View Conference , wich takes place every year in Italy.
We had the opportunity to meet Dean DeBlois, director of the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy as well as Lilo and Stich.

In this video, Dean DeBlois talks about the last-minute changes made to Lilo and Stich following 9/11, a topic we already covered in the past when we published Lindsay Ellis’ video essay on the impact of 9/11 on popular culture.
Dean DeBlois also talks about the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy : creature design, the use of 3D, the freedom of a director in the animation industry, Astrid…
Last, but not least, Dean DeBlois tells us about his upcoming projects.

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