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GroomBear, nouvelle solution de grooming

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Kamil Wacławiak a lancé GroomBear, une série d’outils de grooming pour Houdini.
Le système, payant, vous permettra de modifier guides et cards à l’aide de nodes et brosses.

Compatible Windows et Linux, GroomBear fonctionne à la fois avec Houdini FX et Indie.

GroomBear toolkit allows you to create and modify guides/cards inside SideFX Houdini. 

Groom node has whole range of grooming tools, not only for short fur, but for long hair as well. Designed to use with a radial menu for faster workflow.

Brushes: mask, comb, force, shape, scatter, draw, move, copy, cut, lift, rotate, smooth, scale, clump, paint, custom, edit. Some brushes also includes sub-brushes.

Cards node, which allows you to convert guides to template geometry (for example planes, feathers, tubes) 

Nodes are locked. GroomBear’s groom node has digital asset wrapper, so it can be customized to some extent.

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