“Reliques”: a dreamlike, mystical music video in the heart of the Amazon rainforest

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Adrien Peze presents his latest project: Reliques, a music video he directed and created for French-Brazilian artist Yndi.

In the darkness of an endless day, Anahi the Sun Goddess and Takuma the Moon God are destined to live apart. Hidden from each other since the dawn of time, grief-stricken they are withering away. His mind in a black panther, Takuma takes the goddess on her final journey to the shores of the Dark River. Only a sacrifice will allow the Sun and the Moon to finally be united

Adrien Peze and Yndi have been working together since 2013: Adrien Peze  already co-directed two music videos for the singer, Odyssey (2013) and Earth (2015). In this new music video created for Yndi’s new album, Noir Brésil, Adrien Peze chose to create a dreamlike, mystical video inspired by several cultures.

Adrien Peze spent 5 months post-producting the video. He mainly worked alone (he only received help for the rigging and animation process) and used Blender, Cycles (for most of the shots), Octane Sandalone, After Effects.

Direction: Adrien Peze Executive production: Fabulous

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