Relativity: an astronaut approaches the speed of light

Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Hugo Astesano, Loïc Ciaux, Guillaume Hulot, Benjamin Matthys, Victor Piquemal, Jules Rebuffat, Loïc Remy just unveiled Relativity, their graduation short film (ArtFX, class of 2021). They were helped during the production of the film by other students: Esteban Boudailles, Auriane Bertil, Mathilda Colli, Hugo Martial.

Adams is the first astronaut to approach lightspeed. Boarding the spaceship Myriss, he experiments regularly in order to analyze how such a speed will affect living organisms, until an exceptional event happens and changes everything.

Concepts created during the pre-production of the short film
3D scan session of the actor
The team behind the short film

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