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Nebula Render 3 now available with many improvements : try it for free !

The unbiased physically based renderer Nebula Render has been updated. Available for Windows computers, it features a realtime progressive raytracing mode and a simple user interface.

The new 3.0 release improves several key aspects of the product such as performance, new materials, enhanced denoising.
Here are the new features :

  • Opacity mapping.
  • Shininess mapping.
  • New cloth material.
  • New brushed metal material.
  • Entity ids AOV.
  • STL file format support.
  • Improved viewport navigation.
  • Improved asset panel interface.
  • Omnilight controllable falloff.
  • Controllable environment brightness.
  • Renderer is no longer limited by GPU memory.
  • Faster CPU rendering.
  • Live render post-processing.
  • Improved denoising quality.
  • Postprocess Gamma correction.
  • Postprocess Gaussian filtering.

Nebula Render is available in Starter and Standard editions : the first one is free, commercial use is allowed but the rendering resolution is fixed to 800p.
The Standard Edition ($199.99) provides all the features of the renderer, including CPU and hybrid GPU rendering.

You can download Nebula Render 3 right now on the official website. You will find on the same page some example scenes and materials to get you started.

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