Stanford VR

Grow a third arm, fly and join the NFL thanks to Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab

Since 2003,  the Virtual Human Interaction Lab team at Stanford University has been exploring the psychological and behavioral effects of VR and AR.

In the past, the team used to offer a guided tour of the Lab every Friday. You won’t need to travel all the way to Stanford any more, however, thanks to the Virtual Becomes Reality experience, now available for free.

This experience will allow you to fly like Superman, to dance with Grover from Sesame Street, to dive into the ocean, to become someone else, to grow a third arm, to witness human impacts on the environment and even to join a football team. Even tough these experiements might seem trivial at first, they will allow you to explore the psychological effects of VR. For example, if you embody someone from another gender or ethnicity in VR, this might affects how you perceive this gender/ethnicity.

Virtual Becomes Reality is best experienced in a room-scale setup, using both hand controllers. Seated and one-handed play is also supported, but you won’t be able to experience the flying/third-arm scenes.

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