Imagineer Systems lance la version 2.6 de mocha, mocha Pro et mocha AE

L’éditeur Imagineer Systems vient tout juste d’annoncer le lancement d’une mise à jour de l’ensemble de sa puissante suite d’outils de tracking, à savoir mocha, mocha Pro et mocha pour AfterFX.


Consultez l’annonce officielle ainsi que les liste des principales nouveautés :

  • Nuke Roto Export Improvements: mocha v2.6 now supports a 1:1 keyframe relationship between mocha and Nuke 6.2 roto keyframe

  • Tracking on Windows Speed Improvements: mocha v2.6 now delivers multiprocessing optimization on Windows operating systems resulting in faster tracking speeds

  • New SSF Batch Export Feature: mocha v2.6 now offers the ability to batch export multiple roto layers in popular Shake .SSF format.

  • Project Save and Load Speed Improvements: mocha v2.6 delivers performance and speed improvements designed to accelerate the entire workflow

  • Improved After Effects tracking export.

  • General Stability Fixes: Imagineer continues to bolster overall application stability to ensure smooth, stress-free workflows.

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