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Maya 2015 : le Service Pack 2 disponible


Autodesk a publié le Service Pack 2 de Maya 2015. Il comporte une trentaine de corrections de bugs et problèmes :

Animation General     
MAYA-18743     AnimLayers : Command does not return unique names when queried
MAYA-35713     Fixed a crash when loading some Maya 2013 files

MAYA-34435     Cannot perform render layer override on any Bifrost nodes
MAYA-36566     Bifrost: Scratch cache is affecting Batch with User Cache
MAYA-36704     Bifrost voxel display displays incorrectly with anomalies in wireframe mode.
MAYA-38193     bifrostLiquidMaterial renders black

Cache Representation – Baked Geometry     
MAYA-35582     Graphic card info cannot be detected correctly by gpuCache on the new Mac Pro

FileIO Maya     
MAYA-37309     MPxFileTranslator cannot resolve URI paths

mental ray     
MAYA-37089     Mental Ray IBL: IPR doesn’t update automatically when changing the « emit light » features
MAYA-37371     Deleting single layer in mila_material AE interface causes error

MAYA-24623     Insert Edge Loop in Multi-Cut and Quad Draw does not always work correctly
MAYA-26003     If a shape node is named the same as a default camera name (top, side, persp, front) changing to that camera view via the Hotbox creates a new camera
MAYA-31834     Quad Draw, Relax Border Vertices – Shift+MMB drag in area of mesh which doesn’t include border vertices will crash
MAYA-33650     Quad Draw fill hole function can sometimes create polys with inverted normals
MAYA-33753     Multi-Cut Slice Tool results are not always correct
MAYA-34671     Files that contain meshes with their tangent space coordinate system set to left-handed don’t re-load properly back into Maya
MAYA-35385     UV texture Editor, Image Range is not working correctly
MAYA-35789     In some cases material assignments are missing after bevel
MAYA-35795     Edit Mesh ->Duplicate options is missing
MAYA-35982     Maya may crash turning on Smooth Mesh Preview (3 key) when the Subdivision Method is OpenSubdiv and a UV Set named “map11” is present
MAYA-37327     MFnMesh getClosestPoint fails without accelerator
MAYA-37420     Some runtimeCommands incorrectly expose variables at a global scope, and those variables can’t have their type changed
MAYA-37703     Breaking the connection between a texture node and a displacement node on a mesh using OpenSubDiv method may cause crash

MAYA-34377     Image Plane – attribute change display issue (default renderer)
MAYA-36298     Viewport 2 with large models causes graph editor slowdown
MAYA-36713     Renaming Paint Effects stroke node breaks visibility in VP2.0
MAYA-38044     Crashing with MacPro AMD 500/700 with Softmodification in VP 2.0

UI Attribute Editor     
MAYA-32418     AE errors occur when ‘short’ node name is not unique
MAYA-36994     Can’t drag and drop connections onto torn off/copied tab of Attribute Editor anymore

UI General Editors     
MAYA-9496     Fixed an issue with channelBox -attrColor and -attrBgColor flags not being supported

MAYA-35663     XGen: Can’t Motion Blur with mental ray

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