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Tavolsag, court dansant par le studio Syntax CGI

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Le studio Syntax CGI présente Tavolsag, un court-métrage sur le thème de la danse créé par Mohammad Malak. De la motion capture a été utilisée pour animer les personnages : cette partie du projet a été confiée à DIGIC Motion / DIGIC Pictures et à une trouve de danse contemporaine de Budapest.

Tavolsag Short Film from SYNTAX CGI on Vimeo.

Crédits :
SYNTAX CGI presents Tavolsag
Created by Mohammad Malak

Original Soundtrack by The Cinematic Orchestra
performed by the British jazz/electronic group
Walt Disney Records

3D Character Artists :
Alexander Tomchuck
Arek Tomaszewski
Mikhail Korovyansky

3D environment by EVERMOTION :

Rafal Waniek .A.K.A Edi
Pawel Gajlewicz
Krzysztof Kundzicz
Adam Kozlowski

Title sequence 3D environment by
Mohannad Khamra

FX TD lead Artur Malczyk
Hair & Cloth simulation by Artur Malczyk
Smoke & Particle FX Artist Slawomir Malinowski
VFX Supervisor Mohammad Malak

Animation Supervisor :
Michal Hrydziuszko

Mocap refine and hand animation:
Marek Tatar

Motion Capture by DIGIC Motion / DIGIC Pictures Budapest :
Alex S. Rabb
Csaba Kovari
Istvan Gindele
Istvan Zsoter
Eszter Bohus


Foldi Bela
Kori Wa
Mohammad Malak

Dancers :
Tamas Kiss
Dzsenifer Vattai

Cinematography / Compositing
Mohammad Malak
Slawomir Malinowski

Chaos Group / V-ray:
Javid Imanov | Software & license support at chaos group: vray
Kalina Panteleeva | Render supervisor & CG specialist
Alexander Karakashev | Channel Partner Marketing Expert

Tavolsag; inspired by Ryan J Woodward creator of : The thought of you & Kori Wakamatsu choreography

Special thanks to Antal Szuzanna for her beautiful inspiration to this project as well to Karsten Muller for his presence at site and everyone who contributed to this beautiful work.

a Very special thanks to Michal Hrydziuszko and Artur Malczyk for their kind support throughout this project special thanks to Adam Skorupa & Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz

Special thanks to Ramzan Alnoimi & to Aljazeera Network for their support and to the freedom they provided through the past years.

the people who worked on this project are from Hungary / Russia / Ukraine / Poland / Germany / Taiwan and USA.

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