Accueil » Massive Prime passe en version 9, avec « plugin universel »

Massive Prime passe en version 9, avec « plugin universel »


Massive Software profite du SIGGRAPH pour annoncer le lancement de Massive Prime 9, nouvelle version majeure de sa solution de simulation de foules.

Plusieurs avancées sont évidemment incluses : shader network amélioré, nouvelle façon d’assigner des mouvements à une foule (avec un système de couloirs à suivre).
Mais la plus importante est sans doute l’arrivée d’un « plugin universel » : un outil qui permettra aux éditeurs de logiciels et studios de rendre les agents Massive mais aussi de les faire apparaître dans le viewport d’un logiciel 3D hôte. On peut donc s’attendre à des annonces d’éditeurs autour du support de Massive.

Voici le communiqué de l’annonce :

SIGGRAPH 2017, Anaheim, CA – July 31, 2017 – Massive, makers of the Academy Award-winning crowd simulation software Massive Prime, today announced the upcoming release of Massive Prime Version 9.0. The new version of this industry-leading simulation tool will add several features, including an all new universal plugin that will allow nearly any third-party vendor, 3D animation tool or rendering application to implement their own Massive support.

For years now, Massive has received countless requests to support various animation and rendering applications, each having unique requirements and file format demands. In response, Version 9.0 introduces the universal plugin as a way to allow all third party software vendors or post production studios the ability to render Massive’s AI-controlled agents, or make them appear in the viewport of the host software.

“Every year we receive multiple requests to support various animation and rendering applications,” said Stephen Regelous, Massive’s CEO and founder.  “We want to make it easy for anyone to utilize Massive’s tools, which is why we decided to make a straightforward ‘universal’ plugin that would allow Massive agents to appear in renders, or even directly in software viewports.”

Along with the universal plugin, Version 9.0 will include a new shader network feature that allows users to import, edit or build shading networks directly within Massive. When importing a shading network from a third-party tool, such Autodesk Maya or 3ds Max, these networks will look and function the same in Massive, enabling artists to continue to edit and improve an agent’s look without interrupting their workflow.

In a nod to the architectural visualization market, Version 9.0 will also introduce a new option called “Lanes as Generators.” In current iterations of Massive’s software, artists can assign a lane for agents to follow, but they must also include separate generators to tell the agents where to appear and what geometry they occupy in the simulation. “Lanes as Generators” combines these two features, simplifying the artist’s process and offering new crowd movement options, including a convenient way to incorporate escalators and travelators.  

These new features found in Version 9.0, together with recent introductions like the Massive Parts Library and the Ready to Run Agents, make designing crowd simulations easier than ever. All updates introduced to Version 9.0 will be applied to both Massive for Maya and Massive for Max as well, at no additional charge.


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