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Un premier Service Pack pour 3ds Max 2017


Autodesk a lancé le Service Pack 1 de 3ds Max 2017. Il corrige une dizaine de problèmes :

    MAXX-31048    Bones animated using an HI IK Solver do not animate correctly after goal keyframe changes
    MAXX-31047    « Compute Mixdown » in the mixer is causing crash

    MAXX-31056    Crash when opening some files in second session of 3ds Max
    MAXX-31057    Crash when deleting coincident objects

Core MAXScript
    MAXX-31064    MaxScript extended Standard material doesn’t support Show Realistic option
    MAXX-31063    Maxscript Editor window scroll position after search is broken

Design Suite Interop
    MAXX-31106    Import result in 3ds Max is incorrect for MotionBuilder FBX skeleton with SphericXYZ Rotation

    MAXX-31207    FBX presets not saving

Modeling Modifiers
    MAXX-31082    Full DQ bind breaks mesh binding

Scene Converter
    MAXX-31049    Scene converter crash when converting some Autodesk Materials

    MAXX-31054    Crash on startup with renamed Brush Presets toolbar

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