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Autodesk dévoile Meshmixer 3.0

Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


Autodesk lance la version 3 de Meshmixer, outil gratuit destiné à la retouche de modèles 3D, au design et à l’impression 3D. Il est disponible sous Windows et OS X.

De nombreuses nouveautés sont au programme ; on notera en particulier le support d’objets comportant plusieurs zones internes (afin de gérer l’impression multi-matériaux), le nouvel outil Unwrap pour aplatir des patches, l’export SVG et l’amélioration de l’outil remeshing.

– new Complex objects that contain internal partitions (beta!). Complexes make it easy to design for multi-material 3D printing!!
Generate Complex tool to create a Complex from face groups
Split Complex decomposes a Complex into separate solid shells
– new Export mode that automatically decomposes Complex on write
– new Align to Target tool to automatically align meshes in 3D
– new Unwrap tool flattens surface patches
– new SVG Export can export meshes as SVG (edges, colors, etc). Try it with Unwrap!
– new Mesh Query tool for visualizing mesh properties
– new measurement-based scene scaling workflow in Units/Dimensions tool
– new Select Intersecting action in Select tool (double-click on other scene objects)
– new Preserve Group Borders and Project To Target options in Smooth Boundary
Remesh can now automatically preserve sharp edges
Make Pattern can now clip to active Target object
Make Solid updates and new mode to automatically preserve sharp edges (slow!)
– huge Booleans stability improvements
– minor improvements to Transform, Smooth, Replace and Reduce
– export support for SMESH format
– Pivot-drag positioning shortcut can now terminate on any surface in scene
– new unlit-texture shader
– support for Autodesk Screencast
– crazy bugfixes
– tons of UI improvements to indicate disabled/unavailable menus and settings
– lots of [scripting API improvements]


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