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Adrien Lambert : démoreel CG Generalist - Environment

Publiée le 02 janvier 2014 par shadows44 (3293 lectures)

Adrien Lambert présente sa démoreel CG Generalist - Environment. On y retrouvera son film de fin d'études à ArtFX, Initium, mais aussi des projets personnels.
Logiciels utilisés :
Maya (Vray), 3dsmax (Vray), Zbrush, Mari, Nuke, Photoshop, After Effects.

Breakdown :
1) Spider Robot :
CG Illustration created with 3dsmax and Vray. Thanks to Stephane Halleux and his amazing creations.

2) INITIUM (2012-2013) :

- 00:15 Main corridor : 2 weeks
It was a set created for my graduation movie. I did the concept, modelling (Maya), mapping/texturing (Maya/Mari), lighting (Vray), compositing.

- 00:21 + 00:31 Ice Canyon : 2-3 weeks
I created the environment of the short film. First I made a layout with Maya, then I sculpted the ice in zbrush. Having lot of works I hadn't time to create clean mesh for every icebergs,. That is why I decided to use the zbrush environment with a polygon decimation. (To reduce the polycount by keeping the details of the geometry). I textured the set with camera mapping.
This way I could pre-render the camera projections (red cameras at 00:38), add details in photoshop if needed and use it as final texture. As the result my rendering time was very optimized (one minute max per frames).

- 00:24 countdown : 1-2 weeks
I was responsible of every countdown shots of the film. (I did everything except the HUD effects made by Alexandre Marlier).
Props modelling : 3 days
Texturing/shading : 5 days
lighting/rendering/compositing : 1-2 days (per shots)

- 00:26 + 00:30 Ice Desert - bird view : 3-4 days

I sculpted the environment in zbrush, textured with Maya camera projection. Lighting/rendering with Vray. I also created the "sphere" FX by mixing different shaders and procedurals textures. Final compositing in Nuke.

- 00:28 Character (slow motion) : 3 days
I made the lighting/rendering, compositing and FX ("Shield activation", only visible in the film)of the shot.

- 00:31 Ice Desert - acceleration : 1 week
I made the environment of this shot, the "sphere" FX and the pre-compositing.

- 00:31 Ice Desert - ride: 2 weeks
I tried my environment workflow on this shot first. All is done by myself except the camera animation. (from Alexandre Dechel)

- 00:31 Ice Desert - Sphere Impact : 1 week
The environment is a matte painting projected in Nuke on very basic geometry.
I also did the Sphere FX (but not the impact) and the final compositing.

3) PERSONNAL PROJECT - DRONE (Oblivion): 3 weeks
Oblivion is probably my favourite 2013 movie. I fell in love of the robot designed by Daniel Simon. That is why I attempted to make this drone thanks to couples of pictures from the movie and the original design.
I did it during my free time between october and december, so it is hard to say exactly how much time I spent on it.
Modeling : 2 weeks
UV/Texturing : 5 days
Shading : 4 days

4) PERSONNAL PROJECT -Locomotive : 2 weeks
I love trains, particulary locomotives. It was an interesting experience to improve my modelling skills with Maya, I tried to optimized the amount of polygons.

5) SECRET STONES - Dragon statues : 2-3 weeks
I sculpted and designed the dragon in Zbrush.
It is an important asset I created for a short film I am directing during my free time. I tried to get a wet mossy dragon satues.
concept : 1 week
dragon modeling : 1 week
Set modeling : 1 day
Shading/Lighting : 2 days

6) PERSONNAL PROJECT -Cityscape: 2-3 weeks
I designed and created this CG environment. I use camera mapping technics for the final animation.
I used FumeFX to generate a kind of smoke.

7) INITIUM - Establishing shot : 3 weeks
I finish on this shot from Initium because it is one of my favourite, and the funiest to do. Except the spaceship and the animation I created everything.
Why so fun ? Because I had to do the concept and modelling of the station, sculpted ice cliffs. I did some matte painting, camera mapping, FXs ("laser", fog, "sphere") and the final compositing. I had about one month to make it so I was quite buzzy.

Pour ceux d'entre vous qui ne l'auraient pas encore vu, voici le court Initium :


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:heink: Jme répond, c'était [u]tout simplement [/u] le raytracing qui avait des réflections et qui refléter des lumières... Ya des moments jme sens con :D
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